Today, I’m going to explain about our brand name “Lacquersmith LYNX”.
I made up the word “Lacquersmith” which means “Lacquer artisan”.
I like the sound of “smith” which is used with an iron-smith, a goldsmith and the Aerosmith.
And this is our shop master, his name is “SAKURA”.
I wanted my brand name associated with cat.

So I choose LYNX which sounds wild and noble.
This is the logo mark.
The letters on back of the lynx are 山猫堂 which means “shop LYNX” in Japanese.



The target of our products is not Japanese.
I want the whole world to know beauty of the Japanese culture and art.
So I choose Samurai Armor as a motif.
Everybody knows this is from Japan when you see my products.
If you were interested in my products, you will notice that it’s used by Japanese traditional art and techniques.
It is my pleasure if you were interested in Japanese culture by my products.

I will explain about urushi and urushi techniques next time.
See you.