I will talk about Urushi today.
My basis is urushi artisan. So I have to brush up urushi skills first.

Usually, Urushi needs certain humidity and temperature for harden.
But I use “baking method” for harden.
Urushi has another property that hardens by placing a certain period of time at 200 ℃ from 100 ℃.
It’s good for jewelry, because heat kills enzymes which cause a rash.

Before I become urushi artisan, I was worried about a rash.
So I did patch test. Fortunately I did not have allergic to urushi.

Back to the topic.
Why do I use urushi instead of other painting materials? Because of I’m urushi artisan.
I do not consider that I’m jewelry artisan.
I was fascinated by the urushi which is a traditional craft.
Therefore, I’m not necessarily want to make jewelry, I want to make things that use a urushi.
I arrived at jewelry after I was thinking about what I can make something using urushi.
Also I want to proof that urushi and urushi and traditional techniques are superior than modern materials.
I’m not good enough for prove it right now. I must set the goal is high and, keep working hard.

That’s for now.
See you!