Why do I make samurai jewelry?

Because this is a crossroads of urushi and metal.
I should decide what do I paint urushi.
Usually, people paint wood with urushi, but metal is the best for jewelry, because of durability.
Also, I need some connection between urushi and metal except durability.
It was samurai armor.

The samurai armor craftsman paints metal and leather with urushi.
If I made samurai-shaped jewelry, I can get the connection between metal and urushi.
So the design of my jewelry was decided.
Tha samurai is so “Japanese”, you can see where it is made from.
And samurai helmet has really various strange shapes. So I can make so many shapes.

Samurai showed their individuality and philosophy in the shape of the helmet.
Please search for “KAWARI-KABUTO”(変わり兜). You can see many crazy shapes of helmet.

I’m making new product which relates KAWARI-KABUTO. I bet you’re going to like it.
Please wait and see.

That’s for now.
See you next.



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