Long time no see.
I’ve been busy to make lacquer ware for big contest that I’ve mentioned about it in this blog before.

I’ve been working on it so seriously, then finally I’ve finished it.

I think I tried my best. Now I have to wait and see that I’m in or out.

Fingers crossed.


I can’t show you the photo until result come.

So I have nothing to write in this blog, because all what I’ve done in the past month is making lacquer ware for it day & night, 24/7.

But finally I can restart making something for living and writing this blog.

I’ve got to do a lot of stuff to catch up.
I’m gonna write down them for myself.


1. Make new KOI series (I’m thinking about KOI ring and bangle)


2. Make new products for craft market.


3. Special project with an artist from U.S.


4. Make lacquer ware for group exhibition.


5. Make lacquer ware for the next contest.


6. Promote sales of my products with jewelry or fashion stores in Japan.


I have to take care these A.S.A.P.


BUT if you like my products, then think about making your original jewelry or lucky charm, please let me help you.

I always honor to take made-to-order.

Or if you just want different color or finish of ready-made products, please feel free to contact me.


I will continue writing this blog weekly again.

See you next week!



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