This week, I’ve been working on new products for fall season.

One of these is new Koi series, Koi ring.

Actually I made it before, but I don’t like it and I left it.

I came up with good idea. So I re-start making it.

This picture is a first Koi ring.



This picture is a new Koi ring in the middle of work.



Another one is a ring too. It’s inspired by the sumurai sword.

I bet you’ve never seen a ring like this.

I will show pics later when it’s done.


I have to finish this as soon as possible, because should prepare craft market in this fall.

Therefore you can see new products very soon.


Next time, I’d like to write about more technical and specific issue of my work.

I think you and I are sick of meaningless daily.


See you next time.

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