Today I’ll show you new stuff what I was fighting with last couple months.
I made this for traditional art competition and applied it.
But I didn’t make it. Because of why I can show you in here.

This is bamboo sake set.


This contains 4 vessels sake container, small sake cup, large sake cup and tray.
You can combine 4 pieces to 1 bamboo joint like this.



I have pursued it to look like bamboo.

I didn’t use real bamboo to make it. I used wire mesh, cray powder and urushi.
I used a traditional urushi technique which is called “KANSHITU”.
Kanshitu method uses mold for making shape like fiberglass or carbon fiber.
It was used Buddha statue ancient times, because you can make statue lighter than making wood, so you can carry it when you have to run from fire or enemy.

Anyway, I wanted to show you what urushi can do. Urushi isn’t only tableware. It’s not only glossy finish.
You can make any surface of materials. That’s what I’m trying to do.

I usually make silver jewelry, but I also want to make these stuff too.
You might see these kind stuff in here sometime.

Now I’m making new products that I mentioned before. It’s near completion and you will see them few more weeks.

See you next week!