About Lacquersmith LYNX  


Let me introduce about me and my brand “Lacquersmith LYNX”.  

I’m TAKAHIRO SUMIDA. Japanese.  

I like to make stuff and I think I’m good at it. So, I decided make stuff for living.  

I’ve learned Japanese lacquer technique at Wajima where is a famous place for lacquer-ware.  

I was thinking when I started this business, lacquer-ware is not for me.

Instead of lacquer-ware I find a potential in jewelry.  


And I‘d like people all over the world to know about Japanese lacquer art.  

So, I choose the SAMURAI for my design. Because everybody know the SAMURAI!  

Do you know between the SAMURAI and Urushi (Japanese lacquer) have a connection? It is a SAMURAI armor.   

The SAMURAI armor is painted with Urushi.    

It is meant to be that I paint Urushi on the SAMURAI design jewelry!  


This is a story how to born a SAMURAI jeweler.  


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