Samurai armor ring red

Here comes new work SAMURAI RING “DO”

It refer to “DO” which mean breastplate of  samurai armor.
It include armor part and silk lace.
There is a symbol mark that is used by MAKIE technique at the center of  ring.
There are two kinds of symbols so far.
But I can draw other symbols or words anything you want.

Also this ring is adjustable.
Pull the silk lace of back, you can adjust size.
Do you know each finger with ring have meaning?

Thumb = Will Power

Index Finger = Authority & Ambition

Middle Finger = Identity

Ring Finger = Emotion, Creativity & Heart

Small Finger = Relationships

So, you can think like this, when you put this ring on your thumb, you could protect your will.

I believe you can’t find ring like this anywhere else.
You can see more description at this link here.
Black Moon
Red Dragonfly

Please take a look closer and ask any questions.
Thank you!

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