Samurai studio tools

I continue talking about my tools.

These are urushi brushes.
This brush are specialize for urushi. It made from human hair.
Human hair is the best material for urushi.
Bit creepy…

These are Makie brushes.
If you don’t know what Makie is, plese watch this page.
—  Maki-e Wikipedia

Most high grade brush made from rattus’s armpit.
Makie master can draw super narrow lines with this brush.
They can draw 5 lines in 1mm width.

Also these tools are used for Makie technique.

These are gold foil and silver powder which use Makie technique.
There are many size of powder and you have to use properly.
The price of gold is too expensive recently.

Next time, I will introduce my metal work tools.
See you.

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