Samurai tools

This week I’m going to talk about my metal work tools.

Silver clay
Samurai tools
This is my first silver material. It’s easy to make something, but little bit soft and tend to loose shape when it’s firing.
Therefore I use other materials to make my products.

Samurai tools
This is wax for metal casting.
Now I use this for making products.
Easy to handle.

Rotary tool
Samurai tools
This is my favorite tools of  all.
Mine is “Foredom flex shaft SR motor” which is owed by my urushi master, so I’ve always dreamed to get this tools.
It is very useful and reliable.
I use it for shaping wax to polishing silver and urushi surface.

Introducing my tools so far.
I have other tools that I want to show you, but maybe some other time.
Next time I’d like to talk about how to make my products.
It is going to take sometime, please be patient.
See you next time.

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