samurai jewelry ring 20130824 01

samurai jewelry ring 20130824 01

What is your meaning of jewelry?
For fashion? The symbol of wealth?
I want my Samurai jewelry could be talisman like a guardian angel medal.
If you could feel a special connection between your jewelry and you, you would always wear it, and  you probably make a wish to it.
How do you think the difference between nomal jewelry and special tarisman?
I think it is story.
A nomal jewelry is just be paid.
But if a special jewelry was presented from your special person, it would turn special thing for you.
Or if you could see something special in the jewelry, it’s only the one jewelry for you.
Do you know what I mean?

I wish I could make these kind of jewelry.
If you feel something to samurai jewelry, it’s my happiness.

See you next time.
Thank you.

samurai jewelry ring 20130824 02

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