Today, I’d like to talk about process for making Samurai choker.
This process based on traditional technology of the Samurai era.
Real Samurai armor is made by iron metal and leather, painted by Urushi.
Samurai jewelry consist of  sterling silver and coated by Urushi.

The process has two big parts, metal work and Urushi work.

1.Metal work

First of all, I do wax modeling, then casting to sterling silver.
What I regard as important by Samurai jewelry production is what I make in as possible original form faithfully.
The wax modeling is suitable to express small detail. Of course the wax modeling is suitable for the mass production.
Also, helmet consist of several parts, and these are connected by cord as a real one.

new samurai mask cuffs02




2.Urushi work

My basis is urushi artisan. So this part is very important to me.
I think urushi work is my identity and originality.
This part is just painting for other person, but it’s give taste and put spirit in my products.
The Urushi manufacturing method puts it on several layer and makes the smooth surface.
The Urushi hardens by the moderate humidity, but I usually make jewelry with a method to let it solidify by heat.
Urushi have enzyme which cause rash, but heat kill enzymes. So heating method is suitable for jewelry.
Also I use MAKI-E technique for making texture of neck-guard.

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