It’s been a long time.
I’ll turn over a new leaf and restarting this blog regularly.

So I re-introduce myself.
I’m Takahiro Sumida. 40 years old.
I’m a designer, an artisan and an owner of lacquersmith LYNX.
I learned to paint urushi in a home of lacquer ware. Then I decided to independently start a business.
But I selected to make jewelry with urushi instead of lacquer ware.
Because I want you to feel it more closer.
There are some jewelry which made from wood. But I’d rather use metal than using wood.
The big problem is still remains. Urushi causes rashes.
I found the solution, which is Yaki urushi (Baking lacquer) method.(I’ll explain later)
Heat kills enzyme which cause of rashes. So you can were our product with a peace of mind.

When you heard “Japan” what do you imagine?
Yes! There are so many cool stuff around SAMURAI. So I choose YOROI(SAMURAI armor) as a motif.
Please take a look Portfolio page, you can see what I create.

That’s enough for today.
See you soon.