I decided to be artisan just 5 years ago.

My world has been broken from the day when my mother died.
I thought life is short, I have to do something meaning in my life.
So, I started looking what I want to do.

My mentor said, “If you have something which you forget eating and sleeping in doing it.
That is the job what you should do.”
To me, making things is what I want to do.

I did some research about traditional Japanese culture, then arts and clufts of  urushi (Japanese lacquer) caught my attention.

I met some people who engaged in urushi arts and crafts.
They recommend me to school in Wajima.
Wajima is famous for urushi. There is a school for urushi learner.
So I went there and studied for two years.
That was most valuable time in my life.
And I decided I won’t be traditional type artisan.
Because I am too old to be apprenticed to artisan.
I have to discover new way.

Still I am looking for the way.
One of my way is the Samurai so far.
Though I am happy to making my own things.

(Pics are lacquer ware that I made at school in Wajima)   


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