Samurai huseware chop stick rest

Today I’m going to tell you about how to make our products.
The process has two big parts, metal work and urushi(lacquer) work.

1.Metal work

First part is metal work.
I had used silver clay before. But I use silver plate or wax now.
Silver clay is good for make shape, but tend to loose shape when it’s firing.
Also silver clay is pure silver, pure silver is too soft for accessories.
So I change silver clay into sterling silver plate or wax casting.
(Sterling silver clay is available recently, I’d like to try someday)

2.Urushi work

My basis is urushi artisan. So this part is very important to me.
I think urushi work is my identity and originality.
This part is just painting for other person, but it’s give taste and put spirit in my products.

That’s for now.
More detail is going to next time.
Thank you for watching!

Samurai huseware chop stick rest


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