samurai armor pic 01

samurai armor pic 01

Do you know why did I choose Samurai as my products motif?
I think samurai is the symbol of Japan.
Also I was looking for something which were used by lacquer(urushi) technique.
Samurai armor is the one.
Nothing but Functional and practical, also beautiful.
Nobody makes jewelry of samurai which used same process in the age of samurai.
Therefore I choose samurai as my design.

Materials of samurai armor are iron plate and leather, then lacquered.
In my jewelry, base materials is silver and lacquered.

My first series inspired by Menpo.




“Menpo” – facial armors which covered either the whole face or part of the face.
It express anger, so that scared enemies and encourages oneself.

I think menpo is best motif for jewelry because it has many shapes and faces, also it express many emotions and meanings.
There are two faces and two colors in my products so far.
But I plan to add more faces and types(e.x. Ring).

That’s for now.
Thank you for watching!

samurai armor pic02

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