The Samurai ring

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The Samurai Ring consists of two parts: the mask (Menpo) and the helmet (Kabuto). It is made of sterling silver and coated in “Urushi,” a special Japanese lacquer.

I have designed all 360 degrees of this ring with fine detail. Therefore, you can enjoy looking at this ring whether you choose to wear it or not.

This ring will fit your thumb or your index finger.
Sizes: 8-12 (US sizes)

May it protect your spirit!
Be the samurai!

Silver 925 / Lacquer (urushi) / Silk


Jewelry of Lacquersmith Lynx is used Urushi as paint.
We made it by the “baking finish method” which does not cause a rush anymore.

And We use natural material and pure silver cause easy to scratch.
There is no problem in the ordinary use.
But there is the possibility that Urushi(lacquer) separate in a strong shock and friction.

Please use polishing cloths when lost gross.
Do not use polishing powder or paste.
Ultraviolet rays weaken Urushi(lacquer),
so please avoid direct sunlight when you store it.

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