Chopstick rest “WAGASHI” UME01

Chopstick rest “WAGASHI” UME01

Today I’m going to talk about our new products.
It’s not samurai design. It comes from design of WAGASHI (Japanese confectionery).

Definition of  WAGASHI


It has soft round shape and looks delicious.
I adopt the essence of WAGASHI and made new product.
This is a chopstick rest “WAGASHI”.
The first one is “UME”.
UME is a Japanese apricot. UME flower bloom is early spring, so UME tell us incoming of spring.
Two color variations, white and red.
You can also use this as a spoon rest or knife rest.

See more detail here.
Chopstick rest “WAGASHI” UME red
Chopstick rest “WAGASHI” UME white

Thank you!

Chopstick rest “WAGASHI” UME02

Chopstick rest “WAGASHI” UME03

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