I’d like to introduce new Samurai Choker.
There were many cool helmets for the age of Samurai era.
See google sarch.
I really wanted to make something which is inspired by Samurai helmet.
That’s the reason way I make these chokers.
There are 4 kinds of shapes and 2 colors so far.
I want to continue making new types of helmets. (If people bought these choker…)

This choker consists of two parts: the mask (Menpo) and the helmet (Kabuto).

Four kinds of helmet :
1. 日根野形兜 HINENO (head-shaped helmet)
2. 桃形兜 MOMO (peach-shaped helmet)
3. 鯖尾形兜 SABAO (mackerel tail-shaped helmet)
4. 烏帽子形兜 EBOSHI (headgear-shaped helmet)

Three kinds of mask :
1. 面頬 MENPO (half mask)
2. 頬当 HO (chin guard)
3. 迦楼羅面 KARURA (bird-man mask)

Two color :
朱 Red
黒 Black

You can’t choose other combination right now.
But I plan to let you choose the combination of helmet and mask freely in the future.

I’ll explain individual shape on the next time.

Please check our campaign page.
Please Help us to get the word out.


Thank you,

Lacquersmith LYNX

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