Samurai Mask Pendant “A”

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Here is the Samurai Mask Pendant.
It’s smaller than Samurai Mask Choker. (see the photo no.5)
Size : 20 x 20mm (1mm leather cord)
For daily use and lady’s.
You can adjust the length of leather cord.

Also we are happy to negotiate other color and customize.
Please feel free to contact us.

All handmade and hand-painted.

Samurai mask called “MENPO”in Japanese.
It protect their faces, and scare enemies.

I made MENPO for accessary using traditional techniques and materials.
Body is made of silver and colored by Lacquer (urusi).

May it protect your soul !

H=20 W=20 D=20


Silver 999 / Lacquer (urushi)
1mm leather code included (the chord may turn weak from sweat or water)


Jewelry of Lacquersmith Lynx is used Urushi as paint.
We made it by the “baking finish method” which does not cause a rush anymore.

And We use natural material and pure silver cause easy to scratch.
There is no problem in the ordinary use.
But there is the possibility that Urushi(lacquer) separate in a strong shock and friction.

Please use polishing cloths when lost gross.
Do not use polishing powder or paste.
Ultraviolet rays weaken Urushi(lacquer),
so please avoid direct sunlight when you store it.

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