New mission of Samurai Jewelry
Samurai Frog20130924

Now I’m planning something big that I can’t tell specific. It’s going to start in this December. I’ll write about it when it’s ready. I’m working on so hard to start this project right now. I have tons of things to take care. But I think it’s going to be my breakthrough of my career. […]

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Urushi is a essential thing for Samurai Jewelry
samurai ring 20130915

Today’s topic is Urushi (Japanese lacquer). Urushi is a kind of natural lacquer collected from the Urushi tree. It is a very rare natural paint which can take only a glass full from one tree. It is strong in heat or acid and will remains for thousand years. Ultraviolet rays are the only weak points. […]

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Custom-made Sumurai jewelry
custom samurai cufflinks01

Custom-made cufflinks are done. I’ve mentioned before. I’ve changed some points from the current version of Samurai cufflinks. Could you see where to change? It became more thinner that you can put easier. These faces slightly change. (I think more powerful) Also I add new colors. It’s not just black. It’s metal flaks on the […]

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Any thougths about Samurai jewelry
cat potter

Today  I’m going to ask some question for you. I would appreciate if you answer it. 1. Do you like my Samurai Jewelry? 2. Why do (don’t) you like my works? 3. Which one is your favorite? 4. Which colour do you prefer (black or red)? 5. Do you have any thought about point of […]

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