Working on new version of Samurai mask
new samurai mask cuffs02

Today topic is new version of Samurai mask. Now I’m making new cufflinks to order. The customer request a few things to change. I guess nobody can’t tell the differences except me. It might be improved from latest version. More easy to put on and lighter. But I like latest version, too. My customer is […]

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Design from Samurai armor vol.2
Samurai armor ring red

Today’s topic is samurai armor ring. This ring is inspired by “Dou”.  It means breastplate of samurai armor. I wanted to make armor ring. But existing armor ring is little bit too much for me. So I made it Japanese way. This ring is adjustable, so you can put it on which finger you’d like […]

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Not about samurai today
Chopstick rest “WAGASHI” UME01

Today I’m going to talk about our new products. It’s not samurai design. It comes from design of WAGASHI (Japanese confectionery). Definition of  WAGASHI WAGASHI pics It has soft round shape and looks delicious. I adopt the essence of WAGASHI and made new product. This is a chopstick rest “WAGASHI”. The first one is “UME”. […]

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Design from Samurai armor
samurai armor pic 01

Do you know why did I choose Samurai as my products motif? I think samurai is the symbol of Japan. Also I was looking for something which were used by lacquer(urushi) technique. Samurai armor is the one. Nothing but Functional and practical, also beautiful. Nobody makes jewelry of samurai which used same process in the […]

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