Thanks Samurai supporters
samurai ring03_02131129

I would like to thank you all for your early support! I appreciate your comments so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! To help keep this momentum going, please share this campaign everywhere you can! Kickstarter page Best Regards, Lacquersmith LYNX

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Samurai Jewelry start Kickstarter campaign

Please check out my Kickstarter campaign! I just start  Kickstarter campaign. If you looking for unusual jewelry or accessory, please check this ring!

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The Samurai Ring project will lunch soon

This is the Samurai Ring. Does’ t look like ring? But it is. It is more comfortable than you thought. Color variations are Red and Black. Also I made special edition. I’m going to tell you what my plan is. That’s Kickstarter. I’m going to start Kickstarter project! I’ll let you know when it’ll start. […]

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New Samurai Ring vol.2
samurai ring20131115

This ring fits for your thumb or index finger. Because this smurai ring is huge and heavy. But it’s more comfortable than you thought. This one is the first edition of samurai ring series. I plan to make more samurai rings which are inspired by several shapes of samurai helmet. Each samurai ring would have […]

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Samurai Ring will launch in a few weeks

Long time no see. I’ve been busy with working my new Samurai Jewelry. Now it’s done! This is inspired by Samurai Helmet. It consists of two parts of rings, helmet part and mask part. I think you’ve never seen like this. But I’m not going to sell it on this site. I have an another […]

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