Why do you wear jewelry?
samurai jewelry ring 20130824 01

What is your meaning of jewelry? For fashion? The symbol of wealth? I want my Samurai jewelry could be talisman like a guardian angel medal. If you could feel a special connection between your jewelry and you, you would always wear it, and  you probably make a wish to it. How do you think the […]

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New Samurai Mask turned to Silver
samurai mask head 20130816

These are new samurai masks. Just back to me when it’s done silver casting. A pair of samurai mask are going to be cufflinks. Another pair of samurai mask are going to be pendant head. I haven’t done polishing yet, so these surfaces are still rough. After polishing, I’m going to lacquer them. I guess […]

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Samurai jewelries are lifetime warranty
samurai cat

Our products are lifetime warranty. I am going to fix any problem of my products as long as I live. Because I am proud of  what I’ve been created. Therefore if you purchace samurai jewelry, please contact me anytime you want when you find something wrong with it. (Please kindly bear the bank remitting charges […]

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Samurai artisan goes to Sunflower festival

Sunflower festival has been started in my hometown Akeno in Yamanashi. City plant tons of  sunflowers and make sightseeing area in summer. It has been filmed on a movie few years ago, then it’s become famous. Mt.Fuji was registered on the World Heritage in this summer, so I expect many people to come sunflower festival, […]

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