Lacquersmith Lynx is located at Yamanashi prefecture. Yamanasih is famous for Mt. Fuji and wine. And my town is known longest hours of sunlight. In summer, many people come to see field of sunflowers. I really enjoy staying here. My studio is a super tiny room. Urushi works need clean room, so tiny room is […]

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Samurai Cat
Samurai cat

I introduce our shop manager SAKURA. SAKURA means cherry blossom in English. Ordinary, SAKURA is female name, but our SAKURA is male. In traditional arts and craft, cats were treated as monsters. People thought cats were evil that period. If cats will live over decade, their tail will divide and have special power. It was […]

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The Way of Samurai artisan

I decided to be artisan just 5 years ago. My world has been broken from the day when my mother died. I thought life is short, I have to do something meaning in my life. So, I started looking what I want to do. My mentor said, “If you have something which you forget eating […]

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Samurai armor ring red

Here comes new work SAMURAI RING “DO” It refer to “DO” which mean breastplate of  samurai armor. It include armor part and silk lace. There is a symbol mark that is used by MAKIE technique at the center of  ring. There are two kinds of symbols so far. But I can draw other symbols or […]

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